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Hot damn, folks, it’s been a while. Well, not that long of a while, but a while at that. I’ve been spending the majority of my downtime working on the next iteration of Instantiated. So far, so good: the editing process is a long and arduous one, but at least at the end of it, I’ll have a novel that someone might want to read.

I managed to find a literary agency that looks pretty promising as well. Just need to figure out how to write a query letter… oh wait, that’s what my education at UVic is for, right? Hopefully they accept me. 🙂


Everything is on track with my husband’s RCMP application. We’ll have pass or fail status on his testing starting in March. So, as of now, I’m working under the assumption that he will be going to Depot and I will be fending for myself, at least physically.

I know, I know, I said I wasn’t fully behind his decision to become an RCMP officer, but I’m a good wife, at least in spirit.

June is fast approaching, and I have some decisions to make.

I’ve decided that in September, I’d like to go back to school. I applied to the University of Victoria, for their BFA in Writing. I’m in the midst of trying to determine whether or not I’m going to do it as a Major (Creative Writing) and a Minor (Professional Writing), or just a Major. However, in order to do that, I need to have money set aside for tuition and housing, neither are particularly cheap.

So, I’m planning on doing the good ol’ Walk of Shame and moving back in with my parents. At 22. And married. They’re really excited for it because I haven’t actually lived with them since I was 18 and never really had any issues with staying with them. It’s not that I don’t think it will be a good experience, it’s just that: a) I will not have a car; b) I will lack a sense of independence; c) Juniper is a lot farther away from civilization than I prefer.

Kamloops will be a good place for me to be while Mike is in Regina: surrounded by family and friends is better than being alone in a city that I barely know. I will, however, miss the excitement of living in the big city and being able to get anywhere in half an hour, even by transit. Transit in Kamloops is… lame. And time consuming.

At any rate, after Kamloops will be UVic. I hope.

Anyway, that’s about all I can think of tonight. I’d love to write more, but I’m way too ill. Time to sleep off the cold and hope to high hell that I’m better tomorrow.

Those who know me, know me as an artist; somewhere between a wild child/hippy and a geek. I have always been driven by my own goals. I have the type of attitude where I dare someone to tell me do differently. I don’t take to authority very well, unless it’s my parents… and that’s only because they’ve earned being my authority. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to the ones in charge. I respect them. I just don’t warm to them.

I want to be the kind of woman that is never going to be tamed. I’m not mother material right now; I love my nieces and nephews but only because when they piss me off, I can give them back. I’m married, but I’m 22. I’m sensitive, fiercely intellectual, and ambitious. I will not settle for anything less than number one. I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve, fallen in love with an amazing man. You’d think I’d have everything figured out by now.

And yet, here I am: finding myself somewhere between certainty and chaos.

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The loveliness of the state of my finances has forced me into the world of free blogging, at least until March. So, if you’re just joining Schizogeny as a new reader, welcome. I can’t promise you life-changing blog posts but they may be interesting and entertaining all the same.

If you’re here from Schizogeny’s old location at, welcome back!

Anyway, using the free WordPress blogging software hosted on is a bit strange. I’m used to more control, that’s for sure. But it’s nice to continue with writing while my finances sort themselves out.

So, just before I went into this voluntary exile, I took a trip to Victoria to see what I could figure out about furthering my educational career in Writing and Fine Arts. I managed to get some serious tips on what I should be doing and how I should be going about it. But now, in the midst of all of this educational red-tape, I’ve been dealing with a change of a different nature.

My lovely husband, Mike, has decided that he wants to do a career switch. As soon as I heard he wanted out of software, I was a bit taken a back. I mean, I knew he wanted to get out of his current job but out of software entirely? That’s insane! Anyway, we’re watching Six Feet Under one night on our Xbox, while we have the house to ourselves, and he tells me: I want to apply to the RCMP. First words out of my mouth were, “What the fuck?!” Needless to say, this caught me out of left field and I’ve been grappling with this issue for the past two weeks.

*sigh* It’s a long and drawn out issue for another post. But welcome to exile, readers.


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