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Instantiated was my 2007 Nanowrimo novella that has been my only winner, to date. As an incentive to re-write the story with lack of plot bunnies, plot ninjas, and plot holes, I gave my husband the first draft of the novella. So far, so good. He seems to like it.

Tonight marked the first night of many that I plan to spend re-working Instantiated‘s contents and its story. I figured that I’d give a bit of a teaser for the re-write, for those of you who were actually interested.

This story is written in third person, told from multiple points of view, depending on the character. It’s a cyberpunk, highly dystopic narrative, set in the Greater Vancouver Area in the year 2063. Main character’s name is Raxi Fairwater, and yes, it’s a chick.

Read on, if you’d like.

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While I was in Victoria, I spent quite a bit of my downtime at the Chapters on Yates and View. Right near the Starbucks, there was a section on Writing and Publishing. Happy squeeing aside, I went and checked out the section like I always do whenever I’m in a Chapters or Coles. In particular, I found two books that caught my attention. One of which I actually ended picking up.

Naming the World (and other exercises for the creative writer) edited by Bret Anthony Johnston. This book holds all kinds of literary stimuli for the creative writer (of fiction and non-fiction) taken from the great creative writing minds in the States. It’s only $17 too! Not half bad for all of the info that it gives you.

So, anyway, onto the prompt that really got my creative juices going. I ended up picking a prompt out of the book that was about unsolved mysteries. If you’re interested, read more.

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