What is Schizogeny?

Schizogeny got its start almost four years ago when I decided that it was time to stop using LiveJournal and start using an actual blogging platform. The name Schizogeny is actually taken from Season Five of the X-Files, of which I was a huge fan. Schizogeny as a blog is just the personal weblog of yours truly; somewhere I can come to hang out and write.

Me in January 2009

Me in January 2009

Qualifications of a Geeky Variety

I got my start in Geekery when I was, oh, two years old. My earliest memory of my life was sitting on my Dad’s lap (he’s a network administrator and my idol) and watching him plug away in DOS. So when I say that DOS was like mother’s milk to me, well, I’m not joking! Well, not really anyway. Anyway, since then I’ve been involved in any geeky activity I could get my hands on. I’ve been a hacker in Shadowrun, a general for Warhammer 40K and Fantasy, a cleric/ranger in Dungeons and Dragons, and a video gamer of all kinds. And then, I moved into geekery as a full time pursuit, aka a day job. I went to school and got a diploma in software development, which I loved. From there, I stretched my wings and took my geekery in a different direction by dabbling in web design and development, which I also loved. And these days? Well, I’m a student, wife, writer, and blogger.