When I first moved to the Lower Mainland, I was fascinated with all of the different shopping options I had available to me. I’d never been to an H&M or American Eagle Outfitters before. Hell, I’d never been inside of a beautiful boutique, for that matter! Thrift shops with taste? They don’t exist in Kamloops.

But here? Here, all fashion was possible. I could delve into my inner punk (ala, the purple hair), or seek to follow a trend (the boots over skinny jeans thing), or even endeavour to create my old style of geek meets chic.

I’ve been in Burnaby now for eight months as of two days from now and I have yet to discover the inner workings of the fashionable twentysomething in the Lower Mainland. I stalk the halls of my university campus, peeking at the various trends: sweatpants from Lululemon, boots over skinny jeans, those legging things, tights under shorts with boots…


This is my brain on "FASHION OVERLOAD".

This is my brain on "FASHION OVERLOAD".

And to most that I end up asking, “Where did you get that?” I get a cold shoulder. No one will give up where they bought that cute bag or those earrings.


Okay, I give up on the fashion senses of this city. Clearly, I’ll never know where anything comes from unless it’s a recognizable label, and even then, why the hell would I want something that comes from a chain store? I’m tired of all of the UGG-boots, the Lululemon, Coach bags, and fake Chanel. Damn it, ladies, show me something I haven’t seen before!

Yes, I know: I complain now, but when I get back to Kamloops, it’ll be same ol’, same ol’, right? Hardly. At least my chicks in Kamloops are chic without trying.