Last week, I decided that I was sick and tired of not having a portable means of communication outside the use of my loverly BlackBerry Curve 8330. My laptop was in the shop at Staples, getting its AC Adapter replaced and I was itching to get out of my house. Cabin fever is ever-present in a city where it’s either raining or raining, it would seem.

And so, I decided that because I work at Best Buy, they’d give me a good deal on getting one of those shiny new netbooks. And, since I work in the computer department, I knew exactly which one I wanted to get my blue-manicured hands on: HP MIni 1035NR. The keyboard is 92% the size of a regular laptop and the screen sits at a comfortable 10.1″. It’s got a webcam built right in, just like most of the other laptops out there these days.

HP Mini 1035NR

HP Mini 1035NR

I’ve been taking this netbook with me literally everwhere. I haul it to my classes, on the skytrain and bus, and even as far as the coffee shops downtown Vancouver (as they’re by far the nicest I’ve been to in the Greater Vancouver Area).

All in all, I’m really pleased with this netbook and, seeing as I’m such an HP fangirl, I’m even happier that I managed to support my favourite laptop brand.

So, if you’re looking to get a netbook, I’d recommend this one. It’s sleek, large enough to see without straining, and it’s got Bluetooth built right in.

Note: the Vivienne Tam edition is lovely to look at but it’s definitely not worth the additional $200, just for a red netbook. Get the black edition and save yourself some cash and a potential red-overload headache.

Happy shopping!