The loveliness of the state of my finances has forced me into the world of free blogging, at least until March. So, if you’re just joining Schizogeny as a new reader, welcome. I can’t promise you life-changing blog posts but they may be interesting and entertaining all the same.

If you’re here from Schizogeny’s old location at, welcome back!

Anyway, using the free WordPress blogging software hosted on is a bit strange. I’m used to more control, that’s for sure. But it’s nice to continue with writing while my finances sort themselves out.

So, just before I went into this voluntary exile, I took a trip to Victoria to see what I could figure out about furthering my educational career in Writing and Fine Arts. I managed to get some serious tips on what I should be doing and how I should be going about it. But now, in the midst of all of this educational red-tape, I’ve been dealing with a change of a different nature.

My lovely husband, Mike, has decided that he wants to do a career switch. As soon as I heard he wanted out of software, I was a bit taken a back. I mean, I knew he wanted to get out of his current job but out of software entirely? That’s insane! Anyway, we’re watching Six Feet Under one night on our Xbox, while we have the house to ourselves, and he tells me: I want to apply to the RCMP. First words out of my mouth were, “What the fuck?!” Needless to say, this caught me out of left field and I’ve been grappling with this issue for the past two weeks.

*sigh* It’s a long and drawn out issue for another post. But welcome to exile, readers.